Aleksandras Pogrebnojus "Me & You - One Blood" Collection Dress


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Бренд: A.P.
Артикул: AP-LT-05
Цвет: red/dark red
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"Me & You - One Blood" - mini collection, consist of men and women clothes: polo shirt, shorts and dress. This created ensemble would be great outfit for Lithuania athletes.

This collection has the influence of Lithuania artist Kazys Varnelis painting. The range of colors, the flag of Vytis and it's grafic is finished with the symbolic Gediminaiciai pillars.

The main idea of this collection is the solidarity of all Lithuania people and athletes, because of it we will win gold medals. With our amazing flag of Vytis in our arms we can create the better future of Lithuania!

All of as are one blood!

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100% polyester

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