McDavid Ankle Support Mesh with Straps


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Бренд: McDavid
Артикул: 433-BLK
Цвет: black/grey
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Dual Strap Ankle Support

A completely breathable pull-on anklet with two elastic "Figure 8" adjustable Velcro straps for graduated support. Provides mild, soft-tissue support and compression. Does not contain neoprene. The ankle brace relieves moderate ankle pain and alleviates the injury.

Protection level II

An advanced level of protection designed for:
Minor ankle pain, minor to moderate sprains, instabilities, arthritis, tendonitis or bursitis; or if you need more support than simple ankle support.

The above is a guide only, not substitute for medical care. Always consult a doctor for injury diagnosis and treatment.
WASH and CARE: Wash in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughtly and drip dry. Do not machine dry or dry clean.


Features & Benefits
•Breathable non-neoprene mesh provides highly controlled compression without heat retention
•Pull-on foot sleeve with adjustable, elastic figure-8 straps with hook and loop closure
•Fits left or right

it is a strong, durable and resistant to most chemicals fabric. They also resist wrinkles, shrinking, abrasion and mildew. Compared to cotton, polyester withstands wear and tear longer and retains its shape even in harsh climates.
Synthetic fibers are often used in the production of sportswear
Strechy and does not crease
Strong and durable 
Is weak against liquids  

monofilament elastic and polyester

Shoe size (US):

Men's shoe:

S:    6'-9'
M:    9'-11'
L:    11'-13'
XL:  14'-15'

Women's shoe:
S:    7'-10'
M:   10'-12'
L:    12'-14'
XL:  15'-16'

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