DeMarini NVS Vexxum 31 Inch Baseball Bat


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Бренд: DeMarini
Артикул: 887768357252
Цвет: black/grey/blue/white
Вес: 660g
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The NVS Vexxum -10 is made for players who want speed through the zone. With an MOI between the Voodoo and the CF8, it provides gap-to-gap results.
The NVS Vexxum is all about speed. The lightest swinging aluminum bat is all about generating bat speed. With a two-piece design, the X12 Alloy barrel and C6 Composite handle work together for the quickest, balanced swing possible. And with an extended sweet spot, the NVS Vexxum has more pop than ever. The only thing faster than the swing is how fast the ball leaves the park. 

Constructed for ultimate precision and performance, swing away with the 2016 DeMarini® NVS Vexxum Big Barrel Bat. Constructed from a high-grade composite alloy for superior response, this bat includes a C6™ handle with enhanced carbon fibers to maximize swing stability. The NVS™ barrel design combines power and speed at the sweet spot. The Half+Half™ two-piece hitting system silences feedback on off-center hits.


DeMarini® NVS Vexxum -10 Big Barrel Baseball Bat
High-grade composite and alloy materials provide an innovative, durable construction
Lightweight NVS™ (New Velocity System) barrel design fuses power and speed at the sweet spot
X12™ fine-tuned barrel optimizes strength at its most narrow points through a blend of alloy agents
C6™ composite handle includes a wider construction of carbon fibers for increased stability
Half+Half™ two-piece hitting system provides a fine-tuning advantage to quiet feedback on off-center hits
Low-profile D end cap maximizes power while absorbing vibration
Two-piece Vexxum® Grip promotes maximum comfort and tack
Rotation Index™ numerical system prompts players to rotate their bat to increase the longevity of the bat

Length: 78 cm
Width: 6,5 cm

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