Demarini CF8 Fastpitch 32 Inch Baseball Bat


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Бренд: DeMarini
Артикул: 887768301767
Цвет: grey/black/green/blue
Вес: 625g
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The leader in Fastpitch continues to lead the pack with the all new CF8 -10. The most popular bat in the DeMarini line up, the CF8 -10 is ALL NEW and it packs a punch with a balanced swing weight while maintaining the ultimate in barrel performance for power and pop.

It starts with an all new Paradox Plus+ Composite barrel. Stronger and more responsive it enables the 2016 CF8 to achieve optimal performance right out of the wrapper - and a sweet spot that extends further along the barrel than ever. But performance is about more than just the barrel - the revolutionary D-Fusion 2.0 handle is optimized to redirect energy upon contact back into the barrel for an explosive trampoline like feel. That means more energy concentrated on pop and less on hand sting.

Translation, from knob to end cap, the 2016 CF8 -10 is a light swinging, powerful bat designed to not just allow you to swing with confidence. But absolutely CRUSH with confidence. Choice is yours, and we're here for those that choose to DOMINATE.

Handle Type Composite
Barrel Material Composite

Length: 81cm
Width: 6cm

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