Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017


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Бренд: Nike
Артикул: 880843-300
Цвет: dark green
Вес: 207g
Length - Normal Width - Normal
+ -







Lightweight and breathable
Of nylon or polyester fiber
Knitted or woven in a variety of patterns
Grid eyes are bigger or smaller, they allow air to move
The excellent air permeability commonly used for making shoes for athletes
Cloth dampened with cold water with a little soap, gently clean the surface.
Clean immediately after wearing, long dirt absorbent.
Allow the surface to dry naturally.
Do not soak in water!
Do not wash with a washing machine and put in the hot-air dryers!
Do not tumble draining!




This is the first time in Nike Free’s history that hasn’t seen a release of a Free model with the numerical suffix. Historically, Nike Free had always been characterized by the numbers a particular model was associated with. Replacing the numbered Nike Free line-up is the new RN assortment which consists of four models. One of these models are Nike Free RN Flyknit sneakers. 

Let's look closely to these shoes. Nike Free RN Flyknit is made from a single-seam constructed upper. The only seam is on the medial side and extends roughly from the top eyelet, diagonally down and back to just in front of the heel. This leads to the the bare feet feeling. In so many reviews we found comments there athleats was saying that these shoes feels like a sock on a feet. Also the shoes are one of the most flexible sneakers. The Free technology alouds to move your feet naturally. Ofcource this means that after some miles it can start hurt your feet.

To overall Nike Free RN Flynknit running shoes are recommended for short distance.

Nike Flywire technology consists of strategically placed filaments that function like cables on a suspension bridge and offer support precisely where its needed. These strong filaments are applied to a minimalistic shoe upper, reducing weight to create Nikes lightest footwear. Paper-thin fabric covers the top of the foot, with the Flywire technology attaching to the outsole and holding the foot in place.            

Nike Free
Its a simple idea: let your body perform as it wants to perform to develop significant performance benefits. This is the philosophy of Nike Free, shoes that offer the proven benefits of barefoot training.

  Nike Flyknit
Nike Flyknit is new technology, where yarns and fabric variations are precisely engineered only where they are needed for a featherweight, formfitting and virtually seamless upper.  Nike Flyknit upper is also engineered for a precision fit, creating a feeling of a second skin. Nike Flyknit is that it reduces waste because the one-piece upper does not use the multiple materials and material cuts used in traditional sports footwear manufacture.

Struktūrinis raštas

Structured pattern
Pad from a variety of lines and patterns. Provides softness, durability and grip.



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